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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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William Paley, “The Teleological Argument”

Is god a supernatural being or part of nature?

Mary Silva
Student #50068846

Philosophy 1301
Professor: Dr. Jason Boaz Simus
Texas A&M University, October 28, 2011
William Paley, “The Teleological Argument”

A mystery of the human being that has not been answered and that over many generations has been a source of wars,prejudice, and divisions between many cultures is what I want to reason to arrive to a better conclusion. Is God a super natural being or a part of nature? The two options end up in nothing, but which one is the closest to be more coherent? If God exists, then where did he come from? Who created God? William Paley affirms in his teleological argument that God exists because the purpose, order, anddesign that we observe in the world, requires that there has been a designer. Having only "Faith" that God exists and is the designer of everything is an inadequate explanation for the existence of everything. I would like to reason if it is because God exist that human beings and all there is exists, or if humans invented a God to justify their own existence and God is nothing more than part ofnature. Very much against any existing theology I believe that God does not exist; we exist from scratch and genetically experience changes over generations. In short, we evolve by nature.

The alternative to an existing God as the creator or designer of everything is that everything that exists around us appeared by natural causes and out of nothing. To illustrate these two alternatives I wouldthink of someone playing with dices; the probability of getting a pair of six is one thing, in this example, the player is God who threw the dices and possibly got a couple of sixes and that would be the creation. But the likelihood of those dices to be blank and black spots to appear it is completely different, in this example the blank dices is the origin of everything and the black spots of thedices that appeared is the evolution. If we think both alternatives I found that among both of my alternatives one is more incoherent than the other. William Paley attempted to make us think that a design will always have a designer by presenting us his Teleological Argument in which he supports his argument by comparing the complexity of living things to the inferior complexity of a watch that weknow to be designed by an intelligent being. Just as a watch could not exist without a watchmaker, Paley argued, living things could not exist without an intelligent designer. If this is correct, then the same should apply to the existence of God, because he is assumed to be as or more complex than the design, he should also be a design of another designer, but who is the designer of God? No one,‘nothing’ maybe the same case of the blank dices? There is no answer to God’s origins, but to say that evolution took its course towards the development of humans, animals, and everything else. God cannot exist because the designer of God will never be found and if we cannot explain who created God then it is because he does not exist.

On the other hand, to argue that the second alternativein which everything that exist comes from nothing, without a designer, and only by physical and chemical evolution as part of nature, is the closest I can get to a more reasonable and logical answer. There is scientific evidence that indicates that most likely the answer to biggest and most difficult question of humanity falls under the theory of evolution. To say that a supreme and supernaturalbeing exists and that he is responsible for all that exists is canceled for the lack of evidence. But we can get closer to a more likely explanation through the examples offered by the studies on the Evolution by Natural Selection that clearly explains how ” highly energetic chemistry is believed to have produced a self-replicating molecule around 4 billion years ago and half a billion years...
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