Arizona 1040

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The fallacy within argument ad populum can be found in the newly proposed Arizona Act, which is designed to find and deport illegal immigrants during traffic stopson a local level. This law was created to appeal to a local mass, which granted immigration power to the local law enforcement authority in Arizona over the federalimmigration system. This law has created controversy from coast to coast at the national level, arousing emotions and feelings by a particular social group based onignorance of the federal system.

Due to the fallacy with argument ad populum regarding the proposed Arizona Act, a federal judge ruled against the number oneissue within the Arizona Act, allowing local Arizona law enforcement to question immigrants on there legal status on a routine traffic stop. This was ruledunconstitutional due to our American legal system to prevent laws that are based on argument ad populum.

On the other side of illegal immigration, reform activists arepreparing protests actions nationwide to try and sabotage the law. This same fallacy is taught to people and provoke their emotions and create reactions. This sameargument is directed to opposing groups of people who do take the point of view of the speaker, however the acceptance is not logical reasoning and brings forth thefallacy again in argument ad populum.

Within our history, argument ad populum can be found in any topic of debate. However, it’s a fallacy that people do not realizedue to their emotional drive of the issues at hand and that is why the immigration issue of the Arizona Act best reflects that the fallacy of argument ad populum.
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