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By: Dennis B. Weis “The Yukon Hercules”
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Insights and Expressions
It is a well known fact that beginners to advanced amateur bodybuilders consider HUGE and SUPERIOR iron clad arm development to be the badge of one’s bodybuilding achievements, andespecially to the casual onlooker. Here’s a prime example of this. I can’t remember the last time someone asked me “How big is your chest?” or “How big are your thighs?” But yet it has been a frequent occurrence, to have people ask “How big are your

I know when I was a teenager and interested in bodybuilding, my arms were the only way to show-off my muscles. My preference and attitude was tobulk-up my arms to massive proportions, and I always wore tight short sleeved shirts so everyone couldn’t help but gaze at my “well-muscled manly arms. . . .” As time went on and I stepped into my 20’s I learned that HUGE and SUPERIOR arm development should always compliment total physique development and symmetry. For example you should never try to develop an 18” upper arm when your chest is only40 inches in circumference, or your thighs are smaller than 26 inches. The same can be said of all muscle groups—the thighs should not be developed at the expense of the calves, or the chest at the expense of the legs and so on. Total body development should become the ultimate training endeavor of all bodybuilders. Please make a point to remember this as you embark upon the “3” training programspresented in this arm development ereport. ____________ OK, here’s the Sleeve Splitting ARMED POWER NOW! Routine. . . .


No. 1
The Revolutionary ‘Two and One’ Arm Training Technique
One of the paramount problems many bodybuilders face when embarking upon an exclusive exercise program(s) outlined in various hardcore bodybuilding books, courses or magazines is this. The exercises listed ina particular workout program sometimes require different pieces of expensive exercise equipment. For example when training the arms you might be required to have a Scott preacher bench (for curling movements) and a Lat machine (for tricep pushdowns) and so forth. I don’t think it would be any stretch of the imagination to say that many of you don’t have the luxury of Gold’s, Worlds or PowerhouseGym (which includes the training equipment mentioned) in your town. Furthermore if you happen to be training in a home gym, chances are it may not be outfitted with some of the more exotic and expensive pieces of training equipment. It is with this thought in mind that I am going to outline a complete arm training program which accesses the use of a few inexpensive training tools such as aBarbell/dumbbell combination, EZ curl bar, expander cables, (called Fabled Cables. Visit: or call 1.916.265.6725 to order), and a couple of terry cloth towels. It doesn’t take magic to develop strong, sinewy and bulging arms that look, feel and produce on a Herculean level . . . ! So don’t be fooled by the minimal number of training tools I have mentioned, for they when combined with thefollowing singeing training program, will develop your upper arms into a mountain fortress of thick, massive and impregnable sheaths of powerful chiseled granite like muscle. One program that I highly recommend is the revolutionary ‘Two and One’

Arm Training Technique which was developed and popularized by a
former Jr. AAU Mr. America, Harry Smith.


Here is the basic premise forperforming this sleeve busting upper arm (biceps/ triceps) program. Beginning with the biceps, use a heavy bulk building type of exercise such as the Standing Two-Hands Strict Barbell Curl (using a straight bar). Begin by performing, two MAXIMUM INTENSITY SETS for 4-6 power-reps each, (using perfect form and motion). Take a one minute rest-pause between each of these two sets. Following the completion...