Armadillo gigante

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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Armadillo gigante o tatu carreta (Priodontes maximus)
The tatú wagon or giant armadillo (Priodontes maximus) is in vulnerable situation since, though it has a seemingly widespread population, Thereis estimated a decrease of his population due to the périda of habitat and to the hunt since it comes being habitual. In 24 years (three generations for these armadillos) it has eliminated 30 % of thepopulation. This situation is not known in a recent way, since from 1982 she is considered to be vulnerable, a situation that it seems not to improve in spite of his knowledge.

POPULATIONThey seem to be rare for nature bearing in mind that during more than two decades has considered them in vulnerable situation. In addition they seem to possess also in a natural way a patched orirregular distribution.
Studies in Surinam during a period so long of time as that of 18 years it indicates that alone there are 7 individuals in 650 square km (Chebez 1994). But though they are rare in anormal way, this does not remove that according to studies like those of Nowak (1999) the population has had a decrease of at least 50 % in the last decade. In order that we do an idea to ourselves,in 1954 three copies were counted in an area of 16.7 km2 in Holy Spirit, Brazil, number difficult to be equal nowadays. In 2004 the density was estimated between 5,77 and 6,28 by every 100 km2 usingchambers of I cheat, he codes one undoubtedly much smaller.

It has the most numerous names since they are Tatú Carreta (Argentina, Paraguay); Pejichi (Bolivia); Tatú Canastra,Tatú-açu (Brazil); Yungunturu, Carachupa Mamán (Peru); Tatú Gigante (Ecuador); Reuzengordeldier, Granmankapasi (Surinam); Tatú-guazú (Guatemala).
If it is called a giant armadillo it is for that it isthe species of armadillo bigger that it exists nowadays. It measures between 75 and 100 cm, being able to measure the tail up to 50 cm. 60 weigh even kg in captivity, and in his natural way...
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