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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2010
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I learned in the semester
For me the course was very good, there was great communication with the teacher, who taught us many more things we did not knowas pronunciation, sentence structure, grammar rules, etc.
There was also a great communication between teacher and student, but I am speaking for me that Ilack a little more attention to understand what is explained, and sometimes shame for not asking things that are not properly understood, but another factorin my good part was that sometimes it was going to the course because I had to go play with the team of high school, etc. However, the teacher's work was verygood.

In this course, do things that in past semesters had not done as live but with all partners, carry out work, was developed a little language, inareas such as speech and writing, also a little more participation and that past semesters are not even involved in activities very simple, but this semesterwas almost over when there was more participation by me.
Today really these days the English language is essential for industry and society and that everytime the technology is increasing which is foreign and English language is required.
I feel that the English language is very broad and not only learn in acourse because it depends on what practice self in everyday life is, I think my English is poor since she does not understand many things and not get muchattention , even though I know some things is not enough and I think I'll have to continue studying the language and give her eager to be better every day.
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