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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Daisy Fay Buchanan, women of money and social class. Since a little girl, she has been very popular. She has multi dimensionsional personality. A very material girl, self center, and always concernedof the problems that has a type of relation with her. But not all of them, because she has the ability of forgetting the problems she has had, and the acting like as never had happened.
In the passDaisy had a loved named Gatsby and promised him that she will wait for him. She met with him years later in Nick house and passing the time she started confronting the truth and feeling that emptyspace that her husband was making, by being with another woman. The times that they pass together were very different for Daisy. Gatsby wanted to be with her no matter what, but still Daisy direntwanted. She will radar stay like things are
and not make them more complicated.

She was very furious with the problem she had in the hotel with her husband, Tom. When Daisy, and Gatsby were indirection to her house she was driving and killed, Myrtle, in the Valley of Ashes. Daisy didn’t care of the crime she had made. Gatsby was very concerned of what hapend. She didn’t rader to see Gatsbyafter the crime. Daisy acted ass like nothing has happened and her “love” paid for what she had made and still she didn’t care of his death.

Daisy has a daughter named Pamm. She thinks that by givingher what she wants will be in of for her. Also telling her to be a little fool, is not the best advice that a person could make to her daughter. The thing that Daisy and Tom made are also not goodexamples for their Pamm, because in the future she could do what they had done. Daisy thinks that she is the best mother in the world but she still is not.

Daisy could have everything, money, bighouses, fame, whatever she wants. She never had been grace full of the things people, like Gatsby have done for her. Also she lives like nothing has happened ,so that she could not damage her...