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n 2010, Mexico will commemorate the bicentennial of its Independence movement and the centennial of its Revolution with an extensive program of events.  All Mexicans and foreigncitizens alike are invited to participate in these events to learn about and reflect on Mexico’s past. 
These celebrations are not just about remembering important dates; they are aboutreviving the values and ideals that shaped our nation. The goal of the Organizing Committee is to give a modern meaning to our history.
                  The history of which we speak isnot exclusive but inclusive. All Mexicans are part of our history and, therefore, everyone throughout the country and all those who live outside of Mexico’s borders have the right tointerpret it freely.We will celebrate Mexico’s history in every corner of the country and abroad through a variety of means. We will invite individual and collective reflection, andencourage an open dialog among the citizens of Mexico.
                  We want to discuss—and provoke discussion—about who we have been, who we are and who we would like to be. We want thedreams and promises of those who came before us to be valued. We want you to reflect on what this has to do with us Mexicans today.
                  This celebration is an effortto inspire all Mexicans and all interested individuals everywhere to learn about the origin and context of the Independence and Revolutionary movements and their impact on our livestoday, and to encourage the ethical and civic values that nourish our harmonious coexistence and that strengthen the nation.
                  These bicentennial and centennialcelebrations are the occasion for a big fiesta that all of society should make its own. Let the 2010 festivities bring us a new understanding of our past and unity for the future. Join us!
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