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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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By Chris Lefteri, WGSN-homebuildlife, 26 March 2012

UrbnRok by GlassEco

Ornilux Mikado by Arnold Glas

Waste glass is transformed into shimmering
decorative surfaces for kitchens,bathrooms and
commercial interiors in more than 100 different
colour options with virtually zero carbon

Inspired by spider webs, this award-winning
ultraviolet reflective glass coating byArnold
Glass creates a lattice-like pattern that is only
visible to birds, helping to prevent them from
flying into the glass and incurring subsequent

Kolonihavehus by Tom Fruin

Electrochromic Glass by Sage

Kolonihavehus by Tom Fruin is an
amalgamation of boldly coloured squares in a
transparent house-shaped box on a busy street
inthe centre of Copenhagen. Built entirely from
salvaged and found plexiglas, the pieces are cut
and arranged in a mosaic structure that is
accompanied with music and light that responds
to themovements of passers by.

This remarkable glass by Sage switches from
clear to tinted at the touch of a button, eliminating
the need for blinds or curtains. Besides altering
outdoor light levels, theion coating has insulating
properties that can reduce the energy use for
both heating and cooling the interior.
©WGSN 2012

Bamboo Bottle by Bamboo BottleGlass Roof Tile by SolTech Energy

The Bamboo Bottle features a glass bottle
encased within a renewable bamboo sleeve,
intended for reuse in an attempt to prevent the
disposal of non-renewableplastic bottles. Not
only is the glass reusable, it also provides
insulation for both hot or cold drinks and is
dishwasher safe.

Solar energy producers SolTech collaborated
with Swedish glassmill Orrefors to develop these
beautiful undulating transparent glass roofing
tiles that harvest heat. The heat can be
transferred and used throughout the home to
heat water and radiators....
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