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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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Thank you for purchasing Jasc® Paint Shop Pro™ 7! Our newest release of Paint Shop Pro is packed with powerful new features and enhancements, including Jasc Animation Shop™ 3. Once you begin usingthese programs, we think you will see just how easy it can be to create Web graphics and enhance digital photos.

Please remember that this is a licensed version of Paint Shop Pro, and cannot befreely distributed. See the license agreement information included in this document for limits on copying this software and other important information.

Changes in Paint Shop Pro 7.02Changes in Paint Shop Pro 7.01
Changes in Paint Shop Pro 7.0
Changes in Animation Shop 3.02
Changes in Animation Shop 3.01
Changes in Animation Shop 3.0
Obtaining and Installing Direct Digital CameraSupport
Direct Digital Camera Support and the Certified for Windows Logo
Technical Support
Installation Notes for ESD and Try & Buy Version Users
Software License and Limited WarrantyAcknowledgments

Changes in Paint Shop Pro 7.02
This version has resolved the following reported issues:
• The Smudge and Push modes of the Retouch brush now function properly.
• The Moiré Pattern Removalfilter processes grey scale images correctly.
• When creating floating text with "Standard text" settings (solid color fill only), the text is now filled correctly with the selected color.
• TheClarify filter has been fixed to address cases where it would improperly lighten dark image areas.
• Attempting to use a texture or pattern with a extremely large or small aspect ratio (image widthdivided by image height) will no longer cause a program error.
• When changing a setting in certain adjustments and filters and then quickly pressing the key to apply the command, the program will nowperform the command with the proper settings. This issue was known to affect the Colors>Gamma Correction command.
• Object handles on selected vector text will no longer disappear after the text has...
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