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Cristy Ancer Jan. 23.09
Period 5 Science Career Report
Since we were born, every kid has at least experience architecture. Wait, how? Remember Lego? How you used to pile them up and create towers, but the little brother would play Godzilla and destroy them. But the fact that you designed an imaginary building, that’s architecture. If there were no Lego at home, what about thesand castles by the beach, or the snow forts for snow ball fights? Architecture is mainly about four things, mathematics, science, creativity, and art. As you build the Lego tower, you measure how many more Lego you can use till the tower collapses, an example of force applied on the Lego which comes from science. You must calculate the Lego to make the weight even so the tower wont collapse,using math. Also using the sand castle, you need creativity, somehow if you really want to attract little crabs and sea animals into you castle. It needs to be different, amazing, extraordinary, using creativity. (Waldrep [1-7]) Architecture for most people concludes of art. Taking a family trip to for example Europe, the designs of the ancient castles or cathedrals, that are art, left for new peopleto admire it. (Architecture) When someone says “architect”, the words “designer” and “buildings” should pop up in someone’s head, because architecture is all about designing, and creating. Architecture started way before time, when the first beings appeared in the world. Not only humans use architecture but also animals, hard to believe? An example of one of the best animal architects is the bird.Any bird can be a great architect. If architecture is about building shelter, then the bird is a great architect. Nests are the key, they protect birds, plus they make fabulous beds for the eggs. And yet, nests are not made by nature but the birds themselves. From little bee hummingbirds to the big ostriches, every size bird is an architect. (“Constructions” 368)
Humans go way back since theyfirst appeared and changed using architecture. From the caveman to the Ancient Roman and Greek architects, to the Medieval Castle architects and the Renaissance times, to the towns and villages, to now and to the future. Architects will be here as long as they have each one paper and a mind of their own. In Ancient Roman times, the first architects were Priests, who needed space and a place toworship their gods. Greek Architecture included more mathematics than ever with Pythagoras discovering mathematics and numbers. Then Egyptians designed the pyramids to bury their pharaohs and their dead, pyramids were holy temples for the Egyptians. But the creativity used, who would thought a temple could be pointy and with four sides, triangular shaped. The medieval kings ordered the royalarchitects to build them a castle, that will protect them from their enemies, so the architects at those times, analyzed every aspect of the castles and created the keep (main rooms), the arrow loops, the portcullis (the gates) and planned everything just in case they would be attacked; all for protection. It all goes back to the first human beings, as they place two rocks and one wooden trunk on top ofboth and create shelter. The way they learned how to balance the “roof” to create protection, it all started architecture. (Architecture)
Architecture and Science, what do they have in common you might ask. Well as mentioned before, force and mathematics are part of science. So are weight, and mass and elements. All of these apply to architecture. What are buildings made of? Glass, steel, metal,clay, and other materials which end up being whether solids or liquids. But these materials have a mass, and a weight, where it must be measured in order to see how much it can support or be supported. Architects take care of choosing and measuring what materials to use on their constrictions. For example, Architects know that concrete and bricks resist more or can hold more weight and support...
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