Art of burglary

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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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This story is about a son of a burglar who was so worried about who the breadwinner of the family would be ashe saw that his father was getting older and would be unable to carry on his profession.
He started thinking about that, and took thedecision of asking her dad to teach him what he did. And as the burglar approved it, one night he took his son to a big house to rob.When they were in the house, the father ordered his son to go into a chest to pick out the clothing. But as soon as he got intoit, the father dropped the lid and applied the lock. Then, he loudly knocked at the door waking up the whole family and run away. Allthe members of the family got excited and ran quickly to find de burglar who had entered the house but he had already gone.
The son,who was inside the chest, was really frightened but suddenly a great idea flashed upon him. He made a noise like the gnawing of a ratand when the maid opened the lid of the chest to examine it, the prisoner pushed her away and escaped. The people ran quickly to findthe burglar but they couldn’t as he was so fast.
After some time, he went safely back home and asked her father why he had left himalone in that place. He apologized for leaving him and said that he had done it in order to know how clever and imaginative his son was.
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