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Fish is a book about personal motivation and drive through a working group leader as a means to make daily activities at work is enjoyable and motivating, not just a means of obtaining wages.
Fishes the book griten by Christensen, Lundin and Paul, which tells the story of Mary Jane which was given the task of Management of a company considered by everyone as “toxic energy Gump” is a terriblestate department, undesirable where activity is low where employees are not motivated and g oto it by the support that this provides.
Next on the job Mary jane discovers a fish with a dynamic workenvironment, cheeful, active and motivated quite a few employees whose mood wrought this Miracle, where he met the fishmonger Lonnie and following their advine creates the four principles to be appliedin work and to achieve the desired work envirnment.
You can always choose how to do the job;
To play: you can have fun while working that is fun at work or anywhere, as this increases your mood andincrease your energy this;
Brighten the day to customers: is to think about every day to cheer others, the others generally cheerful return it to you;
Be always present engaged employees, thisrefers to observe, interact, speak, communicate honestly with others.
Mary Jane instill motivation to succed and achieve his department to stop being the “toxic waste Gump” as the resto f qualifiedpeers.
Although this story focuses on the business principles are fully applicable to any field such as family, school or personal.
The work takes as its main theme “attitude” to undertake any task beingthe need to create the right atmosphere. We’re not always or wanted a job but with a positive attitude while maintaning positive relationships with our Partners and customers and so on. We can makethis environment more enjoyable junk.
According to the attitude you take every day to the job you will enjoy more or less, which will give you greater or lesser negree of satisfation, and alter all,...
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