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The Virgen de los Ángeles was made by Alejo de Vahía in Villafrechós, (Valladolid) in 1500.

❖ The sculpture represents a religious scene. In Gothic sculptures usually the sculptures arereligious but we can find some expressions, like portrait or landscape.
❖ The sculpture consists of a maternal scene of the
❖ Virgin Maria with the child Jesus and some angels around them.
❖The style is figurative.
❖ Gothic sculptures have a didactic and an aesthetic function.
❖ The sculptures are expressive and reflect feelings
(pain, tenderness and affection)❖ Their forms have tended to be natural, in the proportions and in references to the real world.
❖ Respect to the support the sculptures begin to gain independence from the walls and become moreautonomous.
❖ The principal material is stone but they also use wood
❖ Gothic sculptures are multicoloured.
❖ In compositions with several figures they communicate with each other.The Adoración de los Reyes Magos was painted by Giotto in la Capilla de la Arena, in Padua (Italia) in 1303.

❖ The painting represents a religious scene. In gothic painting thenormal is religious themes but in this period begin the secular paintings (painting without religious ideas, for example: landscapes but is not very usual)
❖ In the painting we can see the birthof baby Jesus with his father St. Jose, his mother the Virgin Maria and the Magi adoring the newborn child. In the ski there is a star that has much symbolic value.
❖ The style is figurative.❖ It has narrative, didactic and devotional functions.
❖ Religious characters are representing in a level more human than divine and express feeling and emotion.
❖ The forms of expressionreflect a new aesthetic ideal to an idealized individual and expressive naturalism.
❖ The paintings were done on four techniques: wall painting, stained glass, panel paintings and miniatures....
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