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Artworker: were traditionally specialists who implemented the creative brief, as given to them by a graphic designer or art director.

Branding: Originally an advertising concept, branding is nowan integral part of many graphic designer's day-to-day exposure. A brand is a graphic, font, image or a series of concepts that defines a company's, or product's, identity.

Caption: A caption is thedescriptive text that is used to explain the contents of a photograph, diagram or illustration.

Copywriter: Copy is the term given to the raw editorial text supplied for formatting into a designeddocument.

Drop shadow: A drop-shadow is the shading effect used to give the appearance of raised type or graphics on the designed page.

Embossing: In printing terminology, as opposed to thedigital simulation of embossing, to emboss is to make a physical impression of a shape into the printing substrate, so that it projects beneath the surface.

Folio: Within the scope of the graphicdesign industry, FireWire is a computer interface which allows the high speed transfer of data.

Hairline: Very thin rule or keyline. There is no agreed measurement amongst designers and printers, butsomewhere between 0.125pt and 0.25pt would seem to be generally agreed measurements.

Inkjet printer: Inkjet printers work by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the printing substrate. Inkjetprinters can vary from small home printing devices, to large and expensive dye-sublimation printers that are involved in the early stages of color proofing.

JPEG: is a type of file format used to compressthe size of images. The downside is that there is some loss of quality in a JPEG image. This can be limited by using a high quality setting, but this results in a larger file size.

Keylines: Akeyline is another term for a rule, line, or even a frame border, used in graphic design. Keylines can be set in many graphic design software applications to different widths, to be solid or dotted, or...
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