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The Artistic Movement of Pop Art
The Pop Art was a movement that arises in the ends of the decade of 1950 in England and United States as artistic reaction before the AbstractExpressionism, to which they considered empty and elitist. It is characterized for the employment of images and themes taken of the consumer society and of the mass communication and they apply them to theart.
Pop Art utilizes known images with a different sense to achieve a position esthetics or to reach a critical position of the consumer society. As its own name indicates "Popular Art", takes of thetown the interests and the subject matter.

(The Stages of Pop Art)
Divived in 4 stages
1) Pre-pop 1960-1970
2) The Fraise of Pop Art and Principal Exponents 1970-1980
3) The movementof Pop Art from the US to Canada and Finally to Europe 1980-1990
4) The Development of Pop Art in the US. 1990-200
(The acceptance of Pop Art by Society)
The Pop Art was appreciated and approved bythe public thanks to their amusing and easy forms and to their contents, that could be grasped without difficulty. To the spectator he liked to recognize current objects in the pictures because thuswere saved the effort that represented the interpretation of the works of the abstract expressionism, but they did not understand their load of irony and of ambiguity.

(The impact insociety)
The pop music is the result of a way of life, the plastic demonstration of a culture characterized by the technology, the democracy, fashion and the consumption, where the objects to stopbeing unique to be produced in series. It is served of the industrial objects, of the placards, of the commercial consumer goods. It described what up till then had been considered unworthy for the art:the publicity, the illustrations of magazines, the furniture of series, dresses, tin plating of preserves "hot-dogs", bottles of coca-cola, etc. This it is carried to the art, arising a naked style...
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