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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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Macanudo is a comic since 2002 publishes Liniers (Ricardo Siri) in the newspaper La Nacion of Argentina.The story had its genesis in Bonjour, which was published in the supplement NO Página/12 from1999 to 2002. It is currently published i n the newspaper "La Nación", thanks to having been submitted to the editor of the same by Maitena (Maitena Burundarena). After that the scope of the comicLiniers catapulted to such an extent that there are seven books published Macanudo. The humor that characterizes the strip is fresh, innocent, intelligent, bizarre. The strips should be read carefully toits details (For in macanudo as in art sometimes you have to choose between understanding or feeling). Macanudo is mistaken for seizures by contemporary generations of minority groups, as was Mafalda(Quino) in the 60, for his humor, especially Harriet. Appointing a joke Mafalda, saying it was his first book, and in an interview said that if he had known it would look like Mafalda, Harriet hadmade man. * Elves: Bodies strange brightly colored robes and a pointy hats. They are devoted to different ailments them to people while they sleep, how to change things around or cause neck pain. Whilecontinuously find themselves in the strangest activities. Superpowers have the elves: levitation, hypnosis, x-ray vision, clairvoyance ... They also have a lot of money, take direct soda siphon, aremasters in the art of yo-yo, when startled get hiccups, and they put strange ideas during sleep, some candy left them under the pillow to the politicians who behave . Sheep: These animals show unusualbehavior and semi-humans, but in the presence of human beings (like penguins) are shown as ordinary animals. You pay for all kinds of crazy situation. A Tuesday afternoon, were given their evolutionaryleap. Penguins: They appear as cults, even to learn ballet, lonely, relaxed and curious, but try to act like a normal penguin if someone comes to see them. The mysterious man in black: A character...
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