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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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1) What jobs do you think are popular in our country?
I think the most popular job is the salesman.

2) Which are the most interestingjobs to you?
The most interesting job to me is astronomer and everything related with the space

3) I hate working on weekends. (agree)
So do i

4) I´m good at organizing events.(disagree)
I’m not

5) I can´t stand commuting to work. (agree)
Neither can I

6) I´m not good at driving at night. (disagree)

7) Are you good at making decisions?
of course i'm good atmaking decisions

8) Do you have any working experience?
Yes I have, I have worked on microsoft exchange server 2007.

9) Do you like traveling on business?
no, i dont like traveling onbusiness only for pleasure

10) Ask me if I´m good at solving problems.
Are you good solving problems?

11) Ask me if I have any diplomas.
Do you have any diplomas?

12) Ask me if I likesocial meetings.
Do you like social meetings?

13) Have you ever thought about what you want to do with your life?
yes i have, i want to finish my career then find a job and finally getmarried .

14) What kind of career or job would you be good at? Why?
I think I’d make a good accountant because I’m good with financials

15) Would you like to be a teacher? Why?
I wouldn’t wantto be a teacher because I’m very impatient

16) Could you be a flight attendant? Why?
I could be a flight attendant because I enjoy traveling

17) Which personality type are you most similarto? Why?
I think that I’m very extrovert because I like socialize with people

18) What kinds of jobs do you think would fit your personality?
I think that I can work in any job with nicepeople and with a computer.

□ Well-organized
□ Responsible
□ Good self- control
□ High achiever
□ Cautious
□ Spoilt
□ Objective
□ Demanding
□ Conscientious
□ Independent