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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Jonathan Delaluz
Mrs Humprey
Engl 1301

Public Parks are wonderful toys for children

The parks offer kids a lot of space to play. Inside of a house there is couches, rugs lamps etc. Some ofthese objects like “table lamps “could be bankable, which it could be a hazard risk for a kid. There is also the close space of a room. In an environment which is designed to live not for play there isnot fun or correct that a kid play. The parks offer the opportunity to run free with out the obstacle of a couch or other item that exist inside of a regular house. The feeling of running free andplay are not the only advantages. The kids make exercise, which is crucial for a healthy development in body and mind.

A good health not only depends in good care or alimentation the physicalexercise is crucial for a good growth. The lack of physical activity could be a risk factor for develop coronary artery disease, obesity, increase of strokes and other such as cardiovasculardiseases. At least 60 minutes of moderate of intensity activities every day that are appropriate. Physical activity should be increased by reducing time for watching television, playing computer videogames. Physical activity produces overall physical, psychological and social benefit. Even less-coordinated kids, need to be physically active. Activity may be helpful for the physical and psychologicalwell of children.

The exercise and coordination develops with everyday play and activities. Motor skills that allow a child to hold a pencil and color a paper start writing and coordinate boththe hands. Coordination also gives children the ability to complete more tasks such as riding a bike, kicking a ball, run faster, jump or join into a sport team. All children develop at differentspeeds; parents can help this progress to develop properly.
Game time play can be one effective type of coordination exercise. Basketball requires concentration and dexterity to place a ball through a...
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