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  • Publicado : 20 de abril de 2010
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Action Painting, Peter Illig

Photo by Peter Illig

Illing form part of the energetic Denver art world, he had been working in Denver over 25 years,after he moved from NY. He started painting seen he was a kids learning from his father who was a regional artist, He has a singular style that consist on theuptake of the sexual aspect of life. His realistic works show a pop element on his paints almost always placed in juxtaposition with seemingly random objects.

[pic]Jeanne Claude's death left a deep pain and emptiness for the contemporary art world.
Jeanne and her husband Christo worked together design and supervise theinstall by many years, their work consisted of working with fabrics and objects of redefinition, buildings and landscapes. From the sale of preparatory drawings andthe sale of some of the fabrics used they recollected money. They had connection with Colorado with their proyect Valley Curtain in Rifle Gap, after Jeanne Claudeparting Christo would continued with the project of The Over the River, Project for the Arkansas River, State of Colorado as Jeanne Claude wanted, according tothe couple’s website.

Chrisot said: Over the River is a project to be constructed by 2012 and he explain it, “Wide clearance between the banks and the edges ofthe fabric panels will create a play of contrast allowing sunlight to illuminate the river on both sides. When seen from underneath, standing on the rocks, at theedge of the river, at water level or by rafting, the luminous and translucent fabric will highlight the contours of the clouds, the mountains and the vegetation.”
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