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“Visit to Centro de las Artes Bienal FEMSA”

Last Thursday 28th I went to Fundidora, to visit the exhibition called Bienal FEMSA. I was accompanied by one of my art classmates. This time Iwent with a different attitude, as last time when I went to Marco, it became interesting for me to start seeing and observing artwork. So I was kind of wanting to discover what I was going to see inthis exhibit. When we arrived, the first thing that I could see was that the place was huge. The ceiling was very high and the exhibition was exposed in two floors. I thought we were going to takeforever, but time did not go by so slow because I was really enjoying myself.

The exhibit was made up of beautiful paintings, incredible photographs, sculptures and videos. They were all amazing Iwas impressed by the originality and creativity of some of the artwork and by how real some paintings seemed. Although there were some things that I disliked, because personally I found them veryweird and strange, but I know I have to learn to observe more carefully in order to see more to the artwork, more deeply, to try to tell what the artist was trying to express.

One of theartworks that caught more my attention and which I really liked was a structure made up of dry chilis. It was made by Ryuichi Yahagi Honma. It is called “Chile Árbol Japonés de México del pais de origenMéxico de Chile” and it was made last year, in 2009. The composition dimensions are 50 x 300 x 300. It was beautiful, there were many reddish dry chilis pilled up together in several rows, followingcertain arrangement, forming semi-circles. At the back of the rows there was a big bunch of chilis. Although the reddish color was kind of dull, the structure due to the scent, the order and arrangement ofthe chilis, produced in me a sensation of life, vitality. Personally, I love chili, it is something essential for me in my everyday meals, so I found it wonderful and very interesting to see a work...
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