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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2011
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Have you ever been a victim of a robbery? Do you know the importance of knowing martial arts? Nowadays, there are several ways to protect yourself from delinquency anywhere like martialarts. Martial arts can be classified according to the method of defense; the most well-known arts, according to this classification are: Capoeira, Eskrima and Judo. Let’s learn a little bitabout these ones.

Capoeira is the art of Kicking, sweeping and head striking. Actually, the reason of using these methods is simple; the use of feet is the common West-African beliefthat hands are for creation and feet for destruction. Capoeira also uses acrobatic and athletic movements to maneuver around the opponent; for example, the head spin kind that involves sittingmovements, turns, jumps, flips and dodges.

The art of Eskrima emphasize stick and sword fighting; it’s common to use both because the practitioner uses his two hands, which is valuableeven when working with one weapon; the extra hand is used to control the opponent’s weapon and to strike when the range is sufficiently close. A lot of trainings start with two weaponseither a pair of sticks or a stick and a wooden knife called sword or dagger in the ordinary merchandize.

Before we finish this briefly-informative text, I am going to talk about Judomethod. Judo’s meaning is “gentle way,” It’s a modern Japanese combat sport, originated in Japan. It involves a competitive element, where the object is either to throw one’s opponent or subduehim. Throw-technique includes a standing phase, where the opponents try to throw each other, and sacrifice phase, where chokes and strangulations allow the person applying them neutralizethe opponent.

Knowing all this self-protection methods, we have a variety of possibilities of knowledge that can turn into a healthy-enjoyable daily activity if you decide to apply them.
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