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Somali Gangs: A growing threat to communities and the country.
When one hears Somalia, images of a war torn country and the movie Blackhawk Down come to mind. Those images shouldn’t be merged with a series of homicides of Somali men in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis has the largest Somali refugee population, with estimates of 32,000. Out of that estimatedpopulation, a report generated in 2007 indicates that there are between 400 and 500 young Somali teens active in gangs. However according to the Minnesota Gang Strike Force currently has 52 individuals identified as connected with a Somali gang, which is less than one percent of 11,773 gang members statewide. According to prosecutors in Minneapolis more than half of the Somalis are living inpoverty and many make claims that the authorities are biased against them because of their Islamic faith. Starting in December 2007 ten Somali refugees have been killed. Some of the Somali gangs from Minneapolis include the Somali Hot Boyz, Rough Tough Somalis, the Somali Mafia and Madhibaan with Attitude have increased in their activity. Because of the economic downturn, combined with social factorsand poor job prospects the gang Police in Columbus, Ohio which has the second largest U.S. population of Somalis has also seen signs of a growing Somali gang problem. Gangs such as the Hard Times Gangs have been connected to selling narcotics in Athens County. HTG is connected to burglaries, firearm theft and murder in the county. HTG has moved to selling khat (pronounced cot), a stimulant derivedfrom a shrub that is chewed to create a sense of euphoria. Federal law enforcement has had difficulty conducting investigations within the Somali community as well. In particular, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been looking into the disappearance of over 20 Somali men, mostly from Minneapolis. It is believed that they have been recruited into Islamic terror groups back in SomaliaThis should be of great concern both locally and nationally as some of these Somali terror groups have connections to al Qaeda.

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lifestyle has become appealing to Somali teens. According to local leaders there is a lot of sub-grouping that Somali’s dothemselves. Although they all speak the language and have the same religion the sub grouping continues Minnesota is not alone, in Edmonton, Alberta, six young Somali men have been slain in the last six months. According to local community leaders the deaths are confirmation of a growing gang problem.

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Somali Gangs: A growing that to communities and the country Drink or notto drink, Parents have influence Mexican Drug Cartels: Part 2 of 5—Enforcer Gangs Gangs increasingly involved in Sex Trafficking

Drink or not to drink, Parents have influence.
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Research conducted from the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) of Columbia University in New York City found that children between the ages of 12 to 17 who have one or more drink amonth, over 2/3 will get drunk at least once a month. According to Elizabeth Planet, vice president and director of special projects at Casa, “For most kids, just drinking also means getting drunk regularly.” The study also found that the connection between drinking, drunkenness and regular substance abuse. The study revealed that teens who get drunk at least once a month are 18 times more likely to...
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