Article analysis: hispanics and tv

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“The struggle between Hispanics and TV” by Eric Deggans

MLA citation:

Deggans, Eric. "The struggle betweenHispanics and TV." St. Petersburg Times Online Tampa
Bay 28 Jun 2003: n. pag. Web. 27 Apr 2010. <

Thisarticle, coming from Florida, focuses on the Hispanic market on television. Not only were several known Hispanic actors interviewed, but also a comparison between black television and Hispanic televisionwas made. The main focus is the fact that Hispanic television programs in English have had a struggle that black television programs have not. Several points are mentioned including the conflict causedby the existence of Spanish-speaking channels and a larger diversity in the Latin community. The article also discusses the problem with stereotypes and what Hispanics want to see of themselves ontelevision. Finally, the article closes with a sense of unity. The writer says that Hispanics should seek to pursue this unity in order to better represent their society, and in order to make theHispanic television market in the U.S. more prominent and representative of the number of Hispanics present.

I chose this article because it points out a parallelism between Hispanics andAfrican Americans. There are several stereotypes the writer mentions that are common for both ethnic groups and that present an issue for both groups. The writer mentions these stereotypes when hedescribes the shows that star Hispanics, without realizing that the shows are stereotyping Hispanics. At the same time, however, the author briefly makes one statement that I think is important to mention inthe paper. This statement, “There are so many different kinds of Latinos in the U.S.” sheds light on the issue that I want to focus on in my paper: individuality. He mentions how “differences in...
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