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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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Renting a girlfriend to celebrate Spring Festival in China becoming popular.

January 27th, 2012 by Jacky Huang | Posted in Life Style, News | 10 Comments »
“Don’t talk about relationship, it’sjust a deal.” That is not only a dialogue in the new released Hong Kong film Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, but also the description of a recent phenomenon that single men and women rent agirlfriend/boyfriend to go back home with them to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival.
For young bachelors, the seven days Spring Festival means not just the reunion with families, they need to face the pressuredriven by relatives to take a girlfriend/boyfriend home, especially for those who is working far away from home. However, there’s always a solution to this pressure. The internet gives them a quick wayto rent a friend.
To rent a girlfriend/boyfriend was not common several years ago. But this Spring Festival, many Chinese online shopping websites emerged some services to have people act asboyfriends and girlfriends, meeting the demand of some young adults.
The online sellers will put on their real pictures for customers to choose. After confirmation, sellers and buyer will arrange arehearsal to make them look and act like a real couple and to prevent spilling the beans in front of family members.
A famous Chinese Groupon website Meituan had a lottery game, the present of which is thatthe winner can rent a girlfriend/boyfriend from the staff of the website free of charge. They also provide free accommodation and transportation. According to the website, there were almost 170,000people participated in this game.

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