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English Composition – Writing – EUTDH – TOURISM
 Your city would like to hold one of the events below. Decide which information from exercise 7 is relevant for this event. (My choice: “Aninternational sporting event”). Write an article for a magazine, saying why your city should hold this event.
Why Barcelona should hold the international sporting event
This article will demonstrate thatBarcelona is the best choice to hold the international sporting event. It has excellent transport, is in a perfect location and has lots of facilities. It also has important businesses and industries.Visitors can get to Barcelona very easily because the international airport is only 12 km away. The airport is situated in “El Prat de Llobregat” near to Barcelona, the capital city. When they are inthe city, they can travel around quickly as there is an excellent public transport system. You’ve many private cars, bus, taxis, metros and trains. Moreover, visitors and tourists can get to otherparts of the country because Barcelona has a good network of roads.
Also, Barcelona is an important and popular city around the world. You can find sea and mountains in the same area. It’s a beautifulsightseeing. It’s a Mediterranean area with a mixture of different types of nature. Furthermore, the gastronomy is excellent and brilliant. Mediterranean food is very healthy, too. One of the mostimportant are the facilities in a sporting event. You have bars, pubs, snacks and several top quality restaurants. The hotel accommodation is a large range to choose. It depends of your tastes. You canfind lots of hotels with different rooms, prices and packages. However, the nightlife isn’t boring. You have discos and young people are in the street at night. It is full! There are department stores,shops and several shopping centers. Teenagers and young people can go to university, too. If you want, you’ll improve your skills and your knowledge.
In addition, Barcelona has good weather....
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