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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Nuevo Progreso


Most houses have a minimum of 4 rooms ventilated and a maximum of 7 rooms without bathrooms.
Only some of the houses have a finished floor, a falsefloor, and some with tamped earth floor.
Not all have electricity within the home
Some have a toilet (finished minimum) within the housing, others with two toilets and some with a toilet on a non-optimalmaintenance (no door, running water and shower).

From the standpoint of gender, there is a predominance of men in taking charge and taking leading roles in the negotiations,arguing the urban issues: SFL, basic services is the task of men, are often women who end up taking continuity of efforts and lead to success. Attendance at meetings is almost the same between men andwomen, but while men themselves decide the vote, many women prefer to abstain and consult with their husbands.
Problem solving type: Titles of ownership, safety, equipment (track, trails, parks,etc..) Are the claims of the majority.
Nuevo Progreso is classified as: low socioeconomic status, and considers the population living in the highlands and hillsides as very lowsocioeconomic stratum, stratum considered by the INEI, consisting of stocks recently installed in the area and that in the process of consolidation, leading to lack basic services.
The low socioeconomicstatus consists of settlements already established. For the most part consists of population groups such as employees and technicians who have family income equal to or slightly better than the legalminimum wage. Housing and basic services are improved compared to the low socioeconomic status.
The child population mostly does not work.

It should be noted that recent researchhas been done in the area, it has changed a lot since the last study. So everything described here is based on our experience in the area.
HEALTH: Health conditions are very rare. There are no...
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