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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2010
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Why are men unfaithful?
The infidelity of men has had different explanations throughout time. Almost all try to justify why men are unfaithful in the majority of the cases. According to statistics,more than 75% of the men confess that they have been unfaithful to their partner in some occasion. This is a very high number that permits you deduct that the other 25% has high possibilities ofcommitting infidelity if the opportunity arises. Following we will present some causes of the infidelity of men.

*Among the causes of infidelity by men is the difference in vision about sex, many ofthen do not consider it to be unfaithful to have some sexual encounters with others apart from the partner, they take it as something natural and if they are asked they respond “everyone does it”.*There are also those that like the adrenalin and the sensation produced in the conquest game. This type of man tends to have various adventures in parallel and it is difficult for him to be faithful to aperson for much timed.
*The boredom, the lack of incentive, the routine and daily problems can lead the man to be unfaithful as a form to evade the problems, since in a clandestine relation thepeople meet to pass a good time.
*A man’s infidelity can arise due to problems or lack of sexuality with the partner, this can lead him to look for other people only for sex.
*In some occasions men areunfaithful because in his labor environment or group of friends this conduct is common and they take it as something normal.
*Infidelity can appear simply because the opportunity presents itself,this generally happens in the line of work, studies or where daily activities develop, since spending too much time in contact with someone favors a more intimate approach and relation.
*If they do notreceive affection on the couples behalf, they feel alone or devalued, the man can get to be unfaithful when he finds another woman that demonstrates interest and pays attention to him.
*It is said...
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