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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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The endangered Andean Condor.

A Century ago, Colombia had about one million of andean condor, this animal is a symbol of our country and also of Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and other nearby countriesin the Andes. But nowdays we have one hundred of them. That is a problem that has to stop. This is a native animal that is really important for us.

The small population of andean condor is becausethe people who live in farms have the wrong idea that the condor eats the livestock, so, they kill them to protect it. But the true is that the condor is a carron animal and is not dangerous orviolent with us and with other animals. The other problem is that some people with old belives think that some parts of the condor’s bodies are magical and powerfull for us and kill them to take thoseparts. The reproduction of the condor is very slowly. The female has only one or two eggs in a year, and the egg evolution is in about six months. This animal is monogamous and the male only breed withhis companion in all his life, and is she died, he commit suicide, so their life style also made that the population doesn’t grow.

An organization of animals protection has a program to save thecondor in all the andes. The program consist in to insert a electronic chip to track each condor found and to take care of them with this system. This program exist since 1995 and only two condors withthe chip have died. This animal can live for a century if is living in wild situation.

The Renaser foundation in 2001 and 2002 create an advertising campaign with avianca to teach the population thatis an inoffensive animal and we have to respect theri life in special the country people.

The minister of enviroment, housing and territorial development began with the Andean condor conservationprogram. It consist with the breeding of this animal in captive situation. In other countries is carried out artificial incubation with the help of the puppets condor for that the new breed does not...
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