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Scents of Springs
In South California weather doesn’t change too drastically from winter to spring. This perfume is one that represents the bright sunshine. Its name is Daisy. Every spring peoplecome looking for something fresh or floral or both. Women seek out bright citrus notes with leafy green accents as well as lighters floral notes, such as peony, and softer blossoms, such as orangeand plum.

Whitehall targets threaten the Great British Breakfast
The Government wants to put the Great British breakfast under threat because its have big levels of salt. The health diktats toreduce salt levels could ruin the flavor of our favorite’s dishes.

Drinking problems have increased in last 60 years
In the USA the drinking problems are increasing. In the study say that thepeople after the World War II they are increasing the drinking problem. In those years the drinking problem was more in the men now is in the women too. The number of nondrinkers is in the country isdeclining.

At the end of the road
This 71 years old man lost his vision by the age. He say to his wife: “ I can’t see out of my right eye”. Then got blind. Full-time travel in an R.V. has become apopular lifestyle for independent- minded seniors. This man got to a R.V. with his wife.

Vintage plane crash: stunt pilot ‘wrestled with controls’ to try to save lives

A veteran stunt pilot whosesecond world war fighter plane plunged into a crowd at a Nevada air race, killing nine people and injuring at least 50, spent him final second wrestling the controls to eyewitnesses jimmy leeward 74.was killed in front of his family and thousands of spectators when his rebuilt 500mph. yards from a packed grandstand it hit full force, full throttle said Dr Gerald Lent, an eyewitness, describinghow debris littered the scene it looked like a war zone and people had shrapnel and holes in their head and legs and side a lot of people were hurt by the flying debris,bolts and parts of the...
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