Artidicial life

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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What is artificial life?
First we must look at what life is, we can say that life is a way of self protection information storage, development, growth, adaptation, perhaps this is notenough to determine what is the good life could be said also that every living being is able to take control over their own environment which helps you a good development and thoseretaining their identity.
Life aims to create artificial life by imitating processes and behavior of human beings, all of this with the goal of solving real-world problems.
Artificial life(commonly Alife or alife) is a field of study and an associated art form which examine systems related to life, its processes, and its evolution through simulations using computer models,robotics, and biochemistry.[1] There are three main kinds of alive, named for their approaches: soft, from software; hard, from hardware; and wet, from biochemistry.[2] Artificial lifeimitates traditional biology by trying to recreate biological phenomena.[3] The term "artificial life" is often used to specifically refer to soft alive.
The idea of human artifacts beinggiven life has fascinated mankind for as long as men have been recording their myths and stories. Whether Pygmalion or Frankenstein, mankind has been fascinated with the idea of artificiallife.

Artificial life aimed at the application of knowledge on the functioning of a phenomenon which is named in a generic way: life, and its application within the research anddevelopment of certain technologies
Some Applications:
The cellular automata, which mimic functions of the cell bodies in complex programmers, applying biological knowledge of the sameprinciples to practical organizational computing systems.
The quantum computing, using the quantum properties of atoms and their movements, allowing a new form of binary calculations.
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