Artificial fertilizers

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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Colegio Rochester
Juan Martin Paez
World Hunger
March 15, 2011


Did you know that every day around 24,000 people die directly from hunger or hungerrelated diseases? Did you know that 49 million people—including 17 million children—live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger? Some countries that suffer from hunger it is not thatits citizens cannot afford the food but that their cultural beliefs do not let the progress to be achieved, but off course that hunger occurs in most of the poorest countries because this countries owebillions of dollars to the most developed countries, this causes that the undeveloped countries that are owing billions of dollars to other countries, cannot spent money in improving the livingconditions. There are artificial fertilizers that can make the food grow faster, it is supposed that the human population grows faster than the food but with artificial fertilizers the food can equal thehuman growth or even grow faster than humans.

Thomas Malthus (a British economist in 1798) predicted that population will expand greater than food supplies, and mass starvation would prevail, but hedid not predicted that the technological advances will help the food to grow faster. Thanks to the artificial fertilizers the food would be enough for every citizen in the world even does who live inthe countries that owe billions of dollars to the developed ones.

Hunger exists in every country of the world even in the developed countries, in some of the poorest countries the hunger existsbecause they owe billions of dollars to developed countries, a solution is that the developed countries cancel the debts, or at least reduce it, but if this does not happens the artificial fertilizerswould be a very useful help because the food would not only grow faster but it would be cheaper, the artificial fertilizers are minerals produced through chemical processes to nature the soil, that’s...
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