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Bandas Estilo Disco

Deicide Death Metal “Deicide”
“Scars of the Crucifix”

Morbid Angel Death Metal “Recopilatorio”

Death Death Metal “Human”
“Spiritual Healing”
“Individual Thought Patterns”

Kronos Death Metal “Titan’s Awakening”
“Colossal Titan Strife”
“The Hellenic Terror”Necrophagist Death Metal “Onset of Putrefaction”

Nocturnus Death Metal “The Key”

Vital Remains Death Metal “Dawn of the Apocalypse”

Malevolent Creation Death Metal “The Ten Commandments”

Nile Death Metal “In the Darkened Shrines”
“Annihilation of the Wicked”

Sepultura Death Metal “Arise”

Behemoth Death Metal “Thelema.6”

DisincarnateDeath Metal “Dreams of the Carrion Kind”

Hate Plow Death Metal “The Only Law is Survival”

Vader Death Metal “The Art Of War”

Kragens Thrash Metal “Dying in a Desert”

At the Gates Thrash Metal “Slaugther of the Soul”

Annihilator Thrash Metal “Alice in Hell”
“Never , Neverland”
“All for You”
“Schizo Deluxe”

Exodus Thrash Metal “Tempo ofthe Damned”

Testament Thrash Metal “Recopilatorio”

Megadeth Thrash Metal “Rust in Peace”
“United Abominations”

Konkhra Trash Metal “Weed Out the Weak”

Suidakra Thrash Metal “Signs for the Fallen”

Metallica Thrash “Kill em’ All”
“And Justice for All”
“Ride The Lightning”
“The Black Album”
“Master of Puppets”

Bleed OfHate Death Metal “New Blood More Victims”

Suffocation Death Metal “Effigy of the Forgotten”


Bandas Estilo Disco

Harem Scarem Hard Rock “Harem Scarem”
“Acosutic Sessions”
“Mood Swings”
“Human Nature”

Warrant Heavy Metal “Recopilatorio”

Europe Hard Rock “Final Countdown”

White Lion HardRock “Fight to Survive”
“Big Game”
“Mane Attraction”
“The Definitive Rock Collection”

Poison Heavy Metal “Recopilatorio”

David Lee Roth Hard Rock “Recopilatorio”
“Little Ain’t Enough”

Mr. Big Hard Rock “Lean Into It”
“Bump Ahead”

Lita Ford Hard Rock “Recopilatorio”

Extreme Hard Rock“Pornografitti II”

Once and Future King Heavy Metal “I”

Savatage Heavy Metal “Gutter Ballet”
“Edge of Thorns”
“The Wake of Magellan”

Rainbow Rock “Recopilatorio”

Thoten Heavy Metal “Beyond the Tomorrow”

Racer X Hard Rock “Street Lethal”
“Second Heat”
“Extreme Volume I & II”
“Technical Difficulties”

Nation Hard Rock “Without Remorse”
“Chased by Time”

D.C. Cooper Hard Rock “D.C. Cooper”

Viper Heavy Metal “Soldiers of Sunrise”
“Theatre of Fate”

Stryper Christian Metal “To Hell with the Devil”
“In God We Trust”

King Diamond Heavy Metal “Abigail”

Cacophony Heavy Metal “Speed MetalSymphony”
“Go Off”

Mercyful Fate Heavy Metal “Melissa”

Dionysus Heavy Metal “Signs of Truth”
“Anima Mundi”
“Fairytales And Reality”

Midnigth Sun Heavy Metal “Above & Beyond”

Cornerstone Hard Rock “Arrival”
“Humane Staine”

Crystal Ball Heavy Metal “Time Walker”

Black Oak Arkansas Rock “Race with the Devil”

Silver Mountain HardRock “Breakin Chains”
“Shakin Brains”

Winger Hard Rock “IV”

Eddy Van Halen Hard Rock “Recopilatorio”

The Beatles Rock “Recopilatorio”

Guns n’ Roses Hard Rock “Recopilatorio”

Bangles Rock “Recopilatorio”

Queen Rock “Recopilatorio”

Sting Rock “Recopilatorio”

Tesla Rock Blues “Five Man Acoustical Jam”

Scorpions Hard Rock...
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