Artistic gymnastics essay

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Maria Fernanda Silva R.

Artistic Gymnastics

Exercise is a basic component of lifestyle that educates and disciplines

every human because the physical activities we do are very importantto stay healthy both physically and mentally. Artistic gymnastics is an

excellent example of this, because it is one of the best and difficult sports

in the World. This is an olympic sport wheremen and women compete

separately in different devices. The equipment in which the exercises

should be performed for men are: parallel, rings, horizontal bar, floor,

pommel horse, jump, andfor women: ground, diving, uneven bars and

beam (balance beam). Is a sport of sequences of movements that

require strength, flexibility and agility. There are three main reasons for

thissport that makes a person be an excellent gymnast: 60% passion,

25% discipline and 15% aptitude.

I think that the first reason that makes a person be an excellent

gymnast is the passionbecause is an emotion that every human being

has for something or someone. It is like the desire to do or to reach

something. “Without passion, no emotion…without emotion, no feeling…

withoutfeeling, no life… and without life, passion doesn't exist”. That

showed that passion is essential in the life that is why the passion

account for 60% in this sport. No matter you're not so good todo

something, because if you have the passion you can achieve whatever

you want. For example, you may be good in mathematics but do not

like. Or you may not be very good at them but you loveit. If you like is

likely to become as good as any other person.

Another reason that makes a person be an excellent gymnast is the

discipline, because it is thanks to the disciplinethat people can act

voluntarily to achieve its goals and objectives to meet. A clear example

of this is seen in athletes, who after long days of hard preparation

achieved good results in...
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