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Bueno ya que nadie se anima a poner que cambia de ahora a cuando pongan la nueva cronica voy haciendo un corta y pega, no lo traduzco que me podria tirar dias para terminar el post, todo lo que me deje sin poner ir añadiendolo

[Vitality system]
* A system that adds bonus experience was added depending on the vitality level of the character.
* Vitality points are collected under thefollowing conditions: A player has not logged in for a peroid of time, a player is sitting in a peace zone for ane xtended peroid, a player is participating in siege or raid.
* Vitality points are transferred to subclasses when a character change occurs.
* Players with a vitality level of 8 and below, vitality points will not go down during hunting.
[General Combat System]
* Song andDance buffs now have their own buff bar.
* Player and Monster melee range increased slightly.
* Target location and the relationship with the attacker now affects damage bonus.
* Long range physical attacks now have a distance differential to damage.
* The poison and the bleedind damage has been increased.
* Duration of debuff is modified by the targets defense rating against thatdebuff type.
* The rate at which players hit or evade attacks has been changed to make a gap between accuracy and evasion more significant.
[Changes to Existing Skills]
* Effect has been added for skills
* Deflect Arrow: Now reduces damage from cross bows.
* Real Target: Range increased to 900, bow/cross bow damage increase reduced.
* Bleed: Movement speeed reduction has beenadded.
* Queen of Kat: Blessed Body Effect, Blessed Soul Effect, Haste Effect
* Unicorn Seraphim: Acumen Effect, Clarity Effect,, Empower Effect, Wild Magic effect
* Shadow Knight: Death Whisper Effect, Focus Effect, Guidance Effect
* Summon Soullless: The caster MP DoT is now removed.
* Shield mastery: Further increase the effectiveness of shield defense and if wearing heavyarmor also increases main pdef while using a shield.
* Armor Mastery (Warrior & Kamael): MP regeneration increased.
* Soul collection: Kamaels now can hold 40 souls.
* Protection of Rune,Alignment,Elements: increased defensive properties for both passive and active effects.
* Fighters/Archers Will: normal effect increased and increased the rate the rate at which skills criticalfor double damage while the buff is active.
* Cleanse: Raid curse can no longer be removed.
* Wild Magic (Buff): Magic critical rate has been reduced.
* Wild Magic (Items): Magic critical rate has been reduced
* Dance of Siren: Magic critical rate has been reduced.
* Force Barrier, Sonic Barrier, Celestial Shield, Flames of Invincibility, Sublime Sacrifice, Lesser CelestialShield, Talisman of Invincibility: Beneficial effects can now be applied to one self.
* Furious Soul: The evasion penalty is removed.
* Escape Shackle, Cure Poison and Cure bleeding cast faster now.
* Dodge Attack: Increased to 10 seconds instead of 5.
* Counter Attack: Increased to 10 seconds instead of 5.
* Proximity to the target now affects the overall power of a physicalskill and its MP consumption.
* Physical attack skills have overall increased skill power.
* Physical attack skills have an overall decrease in MP consumption.
* All physical attack skills now have over-hit capability.
* Players under the influence of any invincible skill, will not be able re-new the effect untill the current one is worn off.
MP Consumption of the following togglesare increased:
* Soul Cry
* Accuracy
* Silent Move
* Guard Stance
* Soul Guard
* Vicious Stance
* Shield Fortress
* Fortitude
* Parry Stance
* War Frenzy
* True Berserker
* Strike Back
* Hard March
Magic damage now applies a random variance between minimum and maximum damage. Depending on the type of weapon the damage variance of spells...
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