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Betty Hope Garci'a Useche I was born the 2 from December of 1965 in a town located in called the Táchira State Santa Ana, to my passes it childhood in this town next to my parents and brothers been born in this town my father Juan Garci'a Corner, was driver of traffic of a line in the town and my mother Maria Cenaida Useche de Garci'a worked collecting coffee and cook in the propertyof my maternal grandparents was born my brothers there Alberto Garci'a Useche (+), Belkys Garci'a, Useche, Maria Garci'a Useche, Carlos Garci'a Useche by problems with my grandparents my parents went away to live in the Cold one where it attends my first studies, there were born my other brothers Sergio Garci'a Useche and Carmen Garci'a Useche, where we spent a time since in 1975 we gave backourselves to our town by nostalgia of my mother by its parents we returned to the town where naci to live with my maternal grandparents, was born my two brothers there Juan Garci'a Useche (+), Ivan Garci'a Useche, retakes my studies that culminate with my graduation in 1985 in the Grammar school Monsignor Bernabé Cheers. In 1987 it marries to me with Homero Manuel Terán Villegas, I went away to live inMaracaibo where my children were born Juan Manuel Terán 1989 Ana and Garci'a Carolina Terán Garci'a in 1994 where alive at the moment and study Social Management in the Sucre Mission and I aspire to be a professional in relation to which course.

My Reason to study
My reason to study in the Sucre Mission was the desire of to be professional thanks to our president many people can today studybecause before they did not have that opportunity, I I do not study first nontapeworm the resources and second marries to me, dedicates home to me and at my children, that to be housewife it is also a work and step long time without giving account me, it gets to think that either it was behind schedule to study my age or was outpost and it does not try it often listens people to speak of theMissions among them the Sucre Mission until a day my friend Star I invite myself to its village which takes by name Pedro Iturbe she I take it said to me that I would speak with the coordinator of the village to I present/display my friend said to him if I could study said us there that we asked to him professor Norka Brito, raised and was on the verge of giving to the class my friend I raise to him tosee accepted if me I am watched and said if I felt said so happy me I bought up to date that me has left in class, between works and examinations passes the passage initial I give him thanks to my professors who I consider much like to my companions by its acceptance and the aid that offered me not will forget it and but friend Star I thank to him and so been thankful by everything what did by me,also to professor Norka me to have been accepted by her I am realising my dream to study is a very great gift by all the lived one I know that she is called on to me to separate me of my companions and companions for another village since there are no sufficient people in the race of Social Management but will take them in my heart, to my professors I give them thanks to professor Norka with herI understood mathematical, and professor Neila Bracho employed to computation our last to us with her was the one of the satellite Simon Bolivar was a exhibition, professor Alexander Espinoza gave history knew us much of the subject. When finalizing the initial passage to them occurred a plate them of recognition on the part of us were seen so moved will not forget them.

My experiences in eachone of the semesters
The 19 of September of the 2009 we began classes in the Village Vicente Lecuna my first semester since I was sent there with companions Benita Polanco, Nola Naud, Hortensia de Puche, Josefina de Moreno and Elizabeth of the village Pedro Iturbe because it is where there is more people of Social Management is my first day salutes to that they were waiting for the professor we...
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