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DUE DATE: May-13-2011
I. Matching: Match thedescription in the second column with the term or name in the first column. Write the appropriate letter next to the word.

_____ 1. Mestizo
_____ 2. Encomienda
_____ 3.New France
_____ 4. Jamestown
_____ 5. Pilgrims
_____ 6. Puritans
_____ 7. New Netherland

a. England`s first permanent colony in North America.
b. Dutchterritories in North America.
c. Group that sought religious freedom and established and English colony at Massachusetts Bay in 1630.
d. System in which landlords forcedNative Americas to farm, ranch, or mine for them.
e. Group that sought religious freedom and founded an English colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.
f. Person ofmixed Spanish and Native American ancestry.
g. France`s colonial empire in North America, based in Quebec.

II. Multiple Choice: Circle the letter that best describesthe term or name.

1. The Genoese sea captain who landed on a Caribbean island in 1492 and prompted the Spanish to establish colonies in the Americas was
a) HenandoCortés b) Francisco Pizarro c) Chistopher Columbus.

2. The Native American ruler who led an attack on colonial villages throughout Massachusetts was
a) Metacomb) Atahualpa c) Malinche

3. Who conquered the Inca Empire?
b) Henando Cortés b) Francisco Pizarro c) Chistopher Columbus.

4. Who was an explorersent by France to find a route to the Pacific?
a) Ferdinand Magellan b) Jacques Cartier c) Francisco Vazquez Coronado

5. New Netherland changed its name to…
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