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Chapter 3: The man in the iron mask

This chapter begins with a description of the prison in St Marguerite. Everyone there was mad and if they weren’t mad when they went it, they were mad when they went out.

The 3 musketeers went to that prison. Aramis and Athos were disguised as priests. They said they were sent by Fouquet and the guardian let them in. They found Philippe, theKing’s twin brother. They told him the truth and then Aramis hid him under his robe. They escaped but Fouquet and his men followed them. Athos and Porthos killed his men and then got away with Philippe.

Chapter 4: The big decision

Fouquet has some news for the king and D’Artagnan. He reveals the King that he has a twin brother and that he has been kidnapped by the musketeers. The King toldD’Artagnan to kill the musketeers. He was deciding what to do. In the garden, he saw Louise and she told him that she didn’t love the King. She confessed that she loved someone else at court.

The man in the iron mask

Comprehension Questions

1._How were Aramis and Athos dressed?

They were dressed as priests.

2._Why did Aramis and Athos think the prisoner had no head?Because his head was covered by a mask.

3._Why were Philippe´s guardians killed?

The Guardian and his family were killed because he couldn’t keep the secret.

4._How did Aramis get Philippe out of prison?

Aramis hid Philippe under his robe

5._Why did Porthos say that he would row alone?

Because he thought that he could row faster than the other 2 men.

6._Whostayed on the shore to fight Fouquet´s men?

Athos and Porthos stayed.

Topics for discussion

1._What would you miss most if you were locked up on St Marguerite?

My family because they’ve taken care of me for long and I would miss their love.

2._What do you think would have happened to someone if they had worn an iron mask for eight years?

They would be madand very thin. They would have to get used to live as someone free.

3._Have you rescued someone or seen someone being rescued? What happened? How did you feel?

I’ve seen firefighters on the news that have rescued people under a house that collapsed. I felt bad for them but at least I feel that there are people that would give their lives to help someone.


A._Read the storybelow and match the heading to the correct paragraphs to complete the story plan.

a._Events before the main event and the main event itself.

b._Feelings, reactions, comments.

c._Set the scene( Who – When – What – Where).

1._Introduction: C

It was a beautiful day in August. I was taking my dog for walk in the park and listening to children laughing and splashing in the shallow waterat the edge of the boating lake. Suddenly I heard a scream and a splash from underneath the trees where the water was deep. A child was standing up in a boat and pointing at his friend who was in the water panicking.

2._Main Body: A

I hurried along the path and told the child in the boat to sit down. I looked around for help, but I was alone. I found a broken tree branch and held it overthe water towards the boy in the water. He reached out and managed to grab the branch. Pulled him towards the shore and he climbed up the slippery bank. The child in the boat held an oar out to me and I pulled him to the bank as well.

3._Conclusion: B

He got out of the boat and I took them both back to where their mother was waiting. It seemed that the two boys had taken the boat withoutpermission. Their mother was very angry. I don´t think they will do such a thing again – not for a while anyway!

The big decision

Comprehension questions

1._Why did Louis not know his brother Philippe?

Because he was told that his brother had died at birth.

2._Why did Fouquet think it was dangerous to let Philippe live?

Because Philippe could replace him in the...
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