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Gomez is used by …
Line of business executives, marketing managers and application owners to maximize revenue and brand loyalty by ensuring customers and end users have a positive experience at all times, in all locations, on any browser or mobile device. IT Operations teams to identify and resolve application performance and availability issues before they impact the business.Application developers and QA personnel to minimize testing time and costs while maximizing confidence that new applications and features will work properly.

Key benefits from using Gomez
Optimize application performance for your customers and employees across web, non-web, cloud-based, streaming and mobile applications. Achieve optimal performance and availability for all yourbusiness-critical applications. Ensure your business-critical applications work across all users, networks, browsers, devices, application infrastructures and geographies. Proactively detect application performance issues. Quantify and prioritize issues based on business impact. Precisely locate the source of the problem – whether it is in your data center, your network, a third-party provider, a cloud service,the Internet, a browser or device. Deliver a unified view of application performance by correlating the end-user experience, application and infrastructure health and business KPIs. Understand how your application performance affects your business (e.g., revenue, brand, cost).

When to use Gomez
Organizations all over the world use Gomez to assist with many projects: CLOUD COMPUTINGVIRTUALIZATION Will our apps perform reliably in the cloud? Are our providers delivering as promised?

Will our apps perform as well or better after virtualization?

WEB-SITE LAUNCH/UPGRADE Will our web site work properly on all browsers and scale under real-world load? Are we losing customers because of poor performance? Is our performance helping or hurting our SEO? MOBILE INITIATIVE Will our mobileoffering work optimally and on a variety of devices? How do we ensure the performance of critical apps (SAP, Oracle, Exchange, etc.)


Will our apps perform as well or better after we make infrastructure changes? Will our apps perform as well or better after consolidation?

CDN SELECTION/ OPTIMIZATION Do we have theright vendor? Is the service optimized? Are we getting what we’re paying for? SLA MANAGEMENT Are our third-party providers delivering?

Delivering web, non-web, mobile, streaming or cloud-based applications to customers or employees today involves a complex set of services and multiple layers referred to as the application delivery chain.Your users access your applications via this intricate chain, starting with an array of browsers and mobile devices, traversing the Internet, cloud services, mobile or third-party providers, your corporate WAN and your multi-tier data center. At any time and any point, problems that jeopardize customer satisfaction, revenue and brand loyalty can arise: Your application or web page may load slowly.An application may display improperly in certain browsers. Transactions may dramatically run slower in some locations. Errors may occur in your enterprise’s infrastructure components. Third-party providers may not deliver as promised. An application or transaction may fail altogether.

With the entry of virtualization, cloud computing and other emerging technologies in an already highly complexenvironment, traditional system management tools are insufficient. They focus solely on siloed infrastructure components and what’s happening behind your firewall. While these isolated solutions confirm how well your database, network and servers are running, they can’t tell you the actual experience of your end users and customers or the business impact of a problem. Without this information, you...
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