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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2012
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Esteban Másmela Gómez: Presentador
Jairo Nicolás Moreno: Participante 1
Andrés Felipe Hernández: participante 2
Daniel Felipe hernandez: participante3
Ricardo andres homez: camarógrafo
Present. good night ladies and gelement welcome to “who wants to be millonaire” today we have tree participants, their namesis Andres, Jairo and Daniel, lets start with Jairo
Andres. hy, mister Esteban, it’s a pleasure to be here.
Present. I hope you enjoy in the program ok first question:
Whofounded this school? A. marcelino cham. B. Andres hurtado c. anonymus d. anybody
Present correct you win one houndred thousand next what is the color of thepeople of “the Simpsons”
A. Yellow b. grey c. green d. pink
Andres. A
Presen. Correct next what is the colour of the flag of Colombia?
A. yellow, blue, red B. blue green andgrey C. red white black D. grey green red
Andres. a
Presen. Excellent next wich is the best computer of the world?
A. apple b. Microsoft c. vaio d. toshyba
Andres. aPresen. You are pretty good next how many continents exist in the world?
a. four b. five c. six d. seven
Andres. Maybe we have five so it’s the option b.
Presen. Sorry menthat’s the wrong answer so you win five million, bye and have a nice
Andres. Fuck this shit!!
Presen. Ok now we go with the participant number 2 andres
Jairo. Take thatbitches
Daniel. Oh yeah? Come here and tell me to the face
Jairo. Come here and fight like a man
Daniel. Take this (le pega en la cara)
Jairo. Let’s start with this (sepelean)
Ricardo. Hey sir, mister Esteban we can´t continue with the program or the public will demand us
Presen. Ok that’s all for today , I hope you enjoy the program bye.