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Call Tracking

Well documented and fast problem solving!

hs²n Call Tracking offers you
the following benefits:
 full documented history  efficient problem solving  fulfilling ITIL standard wide range of features  user-friendly handling  business process model  fully integrated in XEOX

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Why use call


Without a call tracking system problems are solved on demand - there exists neither a documentation nor a system or guidelines.With the lack of prioritization usually the one who urges the most, not the one who needs it the most, gets help at first. Without a documentation, it‘s hard to evaluate efficiency and quality of ITsupport. With a call tracking system problems can be solved systematically. The arriving calls are transformed into tasks and these tasks are assigned to analysts. The analysts categorize and priorizethem. Each process step is recorded and traceable. It‘s clear who worked how long on which task. The problem and its solution are documented. An accurate documentation allows to solve future problemsfaster and to improve quality and know-how. Assigning problems to software, hardware and persons helps to detect difficulties or problem areas and to find strategies how to avoid them. Furthermore, itallows to evaluate and allocate costs (internal accounting).

Comprehensive documentations
For each call following information is captured:  name of the callee (tracker), date/time (automatically) name of the caller  name of the customer and which SLA  kind of call according to ITIL (change, problem, incident, query)  channel (telephone, email, fax, etc.)  description of the problem priority (scala 1 to 5)  service group / analyst who works on the call  handling time  description of the solution, all process steps are registered Following processes are possible:  add a...
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