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Reading for Comprehension |

| In this first step, you will read carefully the presentation of this unit (phrasal verbs have been highlighted in yellow). A full glossary below will help youunderstand it better. To get information in Spanish, just place the arrow of your mouse on any highlighted word without clicking. |
| As we saw in the Factory Extension Meeting, Harper & Grant is agrowing company. A growing firm needs to advertise. Up till now, the Sales Manager, John Martin, has dealt with the advertising. He employs an Advertising Agency to design the advertisements and placethem in certain newspapers or magazines.
An Advertising Agency is an organisation which undertakes to handle advertising on behalf of the advertiser. It employs artists, copywriters, etc., who arespecialists in the field. Its staff are also specialists in buying space in newspapers, or time on radio and television. They are usually able, therefore, to do a far more professional job than theAdvertising Manager who belongs to a firm and who therefore has a limited experience. However, many firms now employ an Advertising Manager as well to liaise with the agency.
At Harper & Grant,John Martin is now too busy on the sales side to be able to handle the work involved. He needs an expert to supervise an advertising campaign, check proofs, make sure that the agency use the media whichbest suit the company's interests. The media are the various means by which one may advertise, for example in newspapers, magazines, on television, and on hoardings, large display boards, etc.
JohnMartin also cannot cope with the increasing public relations work. This side of the business involves contacts with the public at large through newspapers, magazines and television, giving editorscorrect information about the company and its products when such information is needed.
Mr. Grant has agreed that they should appoint a new Advertising Manager, who will relieve John Martin of this...