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Cristobal Colon y El Huevo
Cristobal Colon
Cardenal Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza
Cortesano 1
Cortesano 2
Cortesano 3
Cortesano 4
Cortesano 5
(In the palace of Cardinal PedroGonzalez de Mendoza. In a long table are seated the characters. Cristobal Colon is sitting in the middle of the table next to the Cardinal. There is food and drinks on the table. The Cardinal standsfeet to make a toast).

Cardinal Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza: Welcome back to Spain. And now, gentlemen, I raise my glass and toast to this brave man who beat audancia sea, and with his faith hayo newworlds. Salud!

All: (raising his glass) Cheers

(Cardinal sits.'s Diner stands 1)

Diner 1: (raising his glass) And I drink to his Three Carabal who sailed unknown worlds, and their sailors toshout "Land" recovered their lost hopes. Salud!

All: (raising his glass) Cheers

(The Diner 1 sits down and gets up the Diner 2)

Diner 2: (raising his glass) To the glory of Spain and theCristobal Colon. Salud!

All: (raising his glass) Cheers

(The Diner 2 sits, stands and the Diner 3)

Diner 3: (raising his glass) I drink to the man everyone saw as a dreamer and believed mad, andI applaud his courage in carrying out this perilous journey in search of new kingdoms for our Catholic Kings.

All: (raising his glass) Cheers

(The Diner 3 sits, stands and the Diner 4)

Diner4: (raising his glass) Live Isabel I of Castile, Queen of Castile and Leon! Long Live the Kings!

All: (Raising his glass) Viva!

(The Diner 4 sits, stands and the Diner 5)

Diner 5: (With hishand hits the table) I do not toast because I disagree, and here's why!

Diner 1: What do you say fool!

All: You shut up!

Diner 2: Let him speak.

Diner 5: Because if Christopher Columbus hadnot discovered the New World would not have been men of talent and ability to do the same.

Diner 3: Explain!

Diner 5: The only merit yours to discover the new route to the Indies was to have...
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