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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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The Pursima
“¿Quién causa tanta Alegría?” (Who causes so much joy?) It’s a question that you will hear for whole days if you live or visit Nicaragua especially between November 28thand December 8th. Some of the most important traditions are celebrated in these days. Known as the purisima, the conception of Mary is an event developed for Nicaraguan families. The purisimacelebration requires preparation an organization.
When December is approaching, to begin to work with the holiday preparation people need to buy a set of item. Some of them are candles, flowers, Christmaslights, fireworks, and offerings. The essential things that must be purchased are the gifts. For example, the candies and toys are the favorite things between child and teenagers, so it can motivate themto participate in this activity. It is one way that people ensure the success and continuity of the celebration. Therefore, it must be considered when we are preparing an activity like that.
On theother hand, when items are ready is time to think in the organization. It means use all that is necessary to decorate the altar, prepare figure of the Virgin Mary, and organize the offerings. The mostdifficult part in this process is the decoration of the altar because it requires time and some skills like patience and creativity. A good imagination is necessary to become a simple room in abeautiful altar for the image capture the people attention. Also is important to know how the gifts will be organized. It demand a little bit of strategy, so it could be put in order to the ages; forexample, one kind of gift can be distributed to the young people, and another more expensive or bigger to the adults. In this way, is possible to achieve a better organization for the moment of theholiday.
The purisima celebration usually is matching with songs, prays, fireworks and shouting. To begin with the celebration people offer prayers for the necessities of the family who celebrate the...
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