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Regionalism and Asia | |
|Peter J Katzenstein. New Political Economy. Abingdon: Nov 2000.Vol. 5, Iss. 3;  pg. 353, 17 pgs |

|Subjects: |Studies,  Regionalism,  Political theory,  Economic reform |
|Classification Codes |9130,  9179,  1210,  1120|
|Locations: |Asia |
|Author(s): |Peter J Katzenstein |
|Document types: |Feature|
|Publication title: |New Political Economy. Abingdon: Nov 2000. Vol. 5, Iss.  3;  pg. 353, 17 pgs |
|Source type: |Periodical |
|ISSN/ISBN: |13563467|
|ProQuest document ID: |65085477 |
|Text Word Count |8474 |
|Document URL: | |

|Abstract (Document Summary) |
|Asian regionalism is explored from the perspective that regions do not just exist as material objects in the world, but also as |
|social and cognitive constructs that are rooted in political practice. With specific reference toAsia and the financial crisis of|
|1997, the following themes are explored: 1. The effects of the international environment on regions can lead to a relatively open |
|(as in the 1990s) or closed (as in the 1930s) type of regionalism. 2. Regions can be peaceful and rich, or war-prone and poor. 3. |
|Regions can experience processes of enlargement and set standards for a growing number ofpolities (as is true of the North |
|Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union), or suffer from retraction (as appears possible for the Association of |
|Southeast Asian Nations and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in the wake of the Asian financial crisis). |

|Full Text (8474   words)|
|Copyright Carfax Publishing Company Nov 2000 |
|The end of the Cold War has altered fundamentally the way we see the world. The image of bipolarity no longer is useful as a |
|short-hand description. Power politics is now occurring in complex regional contextsthat undercut the stark assumption of the |
|international system as unmitigated anarchy and these regional contexts are making possible a variety of processes that put into |
|question some conventional categories of analysis. The world-wide victory of capitalism blurs stark distinctions between |
|capitalism and socialism, and democracy and authoritarianism. Instead, it placesnational political economies in a regional |
|context that is shaped by a variety of processes. |
|It is relatively easy to state what a world of regions is not: a new world order, an end of history, or a clash of civilisations. |
|Each of these generalisations is easily refuted, for example, by the surge in...
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