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Dosage Forms / Routes of Administration
Dosage forms, also known as Routes of administration describe the physical form in which medication will be delivered into the body.
Enteral medications aregiven orally and pass through the GI tract to be absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized by the liver. This includes oral, naso-gastric, and rectal routes.

Parenteral medications are injectedor placed into the body tissues and do not pass through the liver before entering the bloodstream. This can include injections, topical and inhalation routes. Generally in pharmacy, parenteral refersto injection. Topical and inhalation routes are separated into their own routes of administration.

Injectable drugs are usually in the form of solutions or powders, which are mixed with a sterilediluent to render an injectable solution.

Inhalation routes of administration are inhaled through the mouth or the nose and usually act directly on the respiratory system before entering into thebloodstream. They are often used to treat respiratory diseases, but gases are inhaled for general anesthesia as well.

Topical dosages are applied to the skin surface or a mucous membrane.

DosageForm Table:
Enteral | Oral Preparations |
Tablets | To form a Tablet the drug is combined with fillers and is then compressed into a hard pellet. There are various shapes, sizes and colors oftablets. Tablets are available in fast acting, slow release, controlled release, enteric coated, film coated, sublingual, chewable and other formulations. Not all oral Dosage Forms / tablets areswallowed.
Sublingual (SL) tablets are placed under the tongue, wafers are placed on the tongue and BUCCAL tablets are placed between the cheek and the gum. |
Capsules | To form a Capsule the drug iscontained in a cylindrically shaped shell, which breaks open and the drug is released. This includes gelatin capsules. |
Caplet | A Caplet is an oval-shaped tablet. |
Oral Solutions | The drug is...
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