Asociacion civil

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The following contract is entered into by Mrs. _____________________________ (hereinafter “the employer”) and Ms. ____________________(hereinafter “the domestic employee”):

A. DURATION: This contract is valid for a one year period, and is valid only during the trip or trips that the domestic employee takes with theemployer.

B. SALARY: The domestic employee will receive the prevailing salary of the locality where she will work, which is San Antonio, US at $6.55 per hour for a standard40 hour work week. She will also receive the benefits given to domestic employees, such as overtime payment, insurance, per diem, lodging, and meals.

The domestic employeewill occasionally be asked to work overtime. In that case, she will be paid $9.83 for such overtime worked.

C. RESIGNATION: The employer agrees to notify the domestic employeeof termination of employment at least two weeks in advance of the date of the end of the contract. The employer will not require more than a two-week notification from thedomestic employee.

D. ONE EMPLOYER ONLY: The domestic employee will only work for the employer.

E. TRANSPORTATION, ROOM AND MEALS: The employer will provide the employee with roomand meals, as well as a round-trip plane ticket, as needed. None of these expenses will be deducted from the employee’s salary.

Agreement to the terms and conditions of thisContract is acknowledged by signature and date in the space provided below. We have read and understood the content of this contract.

Agreed By: _____________________________Date:________________________
Name: Mrs. ____________________________

Agreed By:________________________________ Date:________________________
Name: Ms. _____________________
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