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Getting ready for a new job

Part 1
Andy is getting ready for a new job.

This is Andy.
This is a good time for Andy.
He has a new job.

Andy has a new office, Andy will be a manager.

Andy standsin front of his new building. He feels good.

Any goes into the building. He goes into his office. He looks at all his stuff.

"My first task" thinks Andy, "is to set up my desk".

"Let's see.
First Iwill put the clock on the desk. I will put it at the back of the desk".

"Next will put my telephone on the clock".
"Just kidding".

"Let's see".

I guess I will put the desk calendar next to theclock".

"Now, I will the pencil holder next to the calendar.
I had this pencil holder when I was a kid".

"I will put my picture frame on the other side of the desk. I will get a picture later".

"Thislooks great. Next-- oh. I see it time to go.

I will work on my desk more tomorrow.

Part 2
Andy puts more stuff on his desk.

Andy has more work to do. He wants his desk just right.

"Here is mylaptop computer. I will put it next to the picture frame".

"My to do list is very important".

"I will put to do list between my laptop and my pencil holder".

"I have a great idea. I will put myphone inside my desk drawer."

Andy is kidding. Again.

He puts his phone on his desk. He puts it in front on the clock.

But Andy thinks, "The most important part is missing".



Part 3Andy finishes his desk.

Andy has a few more things left. He is going to put them under his desk.

"I will put my backpack under the desk first", says Andy.

"Now, I will put my motorcycle helmetunder the desk.
It is next to my backpack".

"And finally, I will put some books under the desk.
I will put them in the book shelf under the desk".

Now, Andy has his desk ready for work. It looks justlike he wants it to look, and tomorrow he will be a manager.

Good job, Andy!
See you tomorrow.

Part 4
Andy has a bad dream.

Andy went to sleep right away that night. He was dreaming about being a...
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