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Ezio’s Final Journey Through Europe
By: Genaro Guerrero
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is the story of a guy named Desmond who is chosen to relive his ancestors’ memories by using a machine calledthe Animus. Brotherhood is the continuum of Assassin’s Creed II. The game starts of with the Borgia’s seizing the Monteriggioni where Ezio and his Family live and reign, they escape to Rome becauseEzio is going to there because he wants to take revenge because of his father’s and brothers’ death, by infiltrating the Borgia’s Defenses and getting to Rodrigo Borgia. The Game is an ongoing battlebetween the Templars, which in this game are the Borgia, and the Assassins.
The game has a widely interactive gameplay. The moneymaking system has a better integration in the game because to makeincome you must first buy different locals and landmarks to unlock weapons, clothes, pouches, and art for the Assassins’ Guild; And to unlock locations you have to destroy the Borgia Towers which lookover a certain area and they will not let you interact with shops or guilds until you have defeated the captain and burned the tower by doing this you will also have the chance to recruit citizens sothe join your assassin army. This all takes place in one map that has twelve districts. Another big integration with the game was the way you can navigate anywhere with a horse which you couldn’t doin the past games, it has been fully integrated and especially in this game when there is an objective on the other side of the map you can call your horse or get one from a stable to get to were youwant to go more quickly. A new integration of the book is the way you can recruit citizens that need help and make them part of your assassin soldiers. By recruiting more assassins you can use them inbattle and by sending them on contracts you can level them up so when you call them they don’t get hurt and survive longer.
There are also many side missions were you can get side tracked from the...
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