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Some day 3 friends after leaving the school wanted to go to have lunch and one of them said:
Gabo: Why don’t we go to eat a hotdogs in LasMercedes, at my friend’s hot dog stand.
Chris: Sounds good.
Jose: How do we get there?
Gabo: Lets take a taxi, its faster. I’m really hungry.

Afterarriving, they saw Eugenio and they decided to ask.

Gabo’s friend/Food Seller: Hey, what’s up, dudes.
Gabo: Hey, Eugenio, meet my friends: Chris andJose.
Eugenio: Hey! Are you going to order something?
Chris: Yes, I want a mixed hot dog with cheese, onion, bacon, and a Coca-Cola to drink. Andyou, Gabriel?
Gabo: I want a german hot dog with cheese, tomato, ketchup, chips and to drink, a nestea.
Jose: I’ll have 2 hotdogs with all thesauces, chips, cheese, onion and I’ll have a Chinotto to drink.
Gabo’s friend/Food Seller: All right. Your orders will be ready in 10 minutes.

15minutes later

Gabo’s friend/Food Seller: So guys, did you like it?
Gabo: I didn’t like it at all. What about you, guys?
Chris: Why didn’t you likeit? I mainly liked the cheese and the sausage
Jose: You’re right. It was very good. We should come back.
Gabo: I don’t know, the meat was kindaraw and the bread was old.
Gabo’s friend/Food Seller: All right. That’s what I lie to hear, Chris! Hey, Gabriel, next time I’ll spit on your food. Ha,Ha.
Gabo: Just kidding, dude, you know I love your hot dogs. See you later, bro!
Eugenio: Ok, see you, guys. Nice meeting you.
Jose: You too.
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