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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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Athens is the capital from Greece.
The Athens municipality population is 655.780 (on 2011), but their metropolitan area is much greater andincludes a population of 3.8 million (on 2011). It is the main economic, cultural and political centre of Greek society.
It was a cultural place wherelived many of great artist, writers and philosophers of antiquity.
Atenas is one of the richest cities in archaeological remains of extraordinaryimportance, of which the most famous is the Partenón from Acrópolis.
Magic, disordered, funny, so is Atenas in little words.
The big rich historythat this city has is what makes it more attractive to tourist.
Remains of medieval times, Byzantine churches, museums and multiple venues fortheater, shows and music are still alive in this culture.
The infernal traffic in Athens makes the car the worst way to discover the city.
There are fourmetro lines, two train lines, and a modern fleet of buses and trolleybuses.
The fleet of taxis has 17.000 units. All taxis have a taximeter; whichreflects the amount to be paid.
The best way to visit Athens is going by plane but there is a possibility of going by ship.
The cost of theflight from Montevideo to Athens is 1.227 Euros.
In most of Greece the prices are lower than in others capitals of the continent.
The stay costs about40 Euros but if you want to travel to all the Greek islands, you will need some more money especially during summer.
It’s a very funny trip!
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